A Way of Life

Reindeer experiences and farm visits provide a great overview of the reindeer's life. Even today, reindeer husbandry is a significant livelihood in Lapland and reindeer herding as a way of life have existed in its current form for at least 5000 years. The animals have been used for carrying and pulling burdens since the beginning of the Common Era.

On our tours you'll meet the animals up close, get to feed them, experience a traditional reindeer sleigh rides and learn about the manners and life of a reindeer, reindeer herding and how this arctic animals survive cold winters.

1 Hour Reideer Safari & a Farm Visit

Visit a traditional reindeer farm on Pyhä-Luosto for a guided tour and experience the serenity of nature on a reindeer caravan.

Year of the Reindeer

Have you ever wondered how these arctic animals survive in the harsh conditions, or how reindeer farming is practiced exactly? 

Reindeer Safari with Wilderness Lunch

A relaxing ride for warm soup lunch accompanied with stories about the reindeer and reindeer farmer’s life.

Arctic Skies – Evening Reindeer Safari

The skies above light up with stars and the only sounds in the forest are footsteps on snow. If you're lucky, the northern lights might show themselves!

Reindeer Safari 30 minutes and guided farm visit

A relaxing easy ride accompanied with stories about the reindeer and reindeer farmer’s life.

Reindeer Safari and Santa meeting

A reindeer safari and A private meeting with the traditional Finnish Santa Claus in his hut.
Truly the most extraordinary Christmas experience is to witness Santa sharing presents with children.

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