Paddle away!

Admire the historical beauty of Pyhä-Luosto Natural Park while paddling along a calm current. Canoeing and Kayaking tours heading out to Lake Pyhäjärvi a
nd River Pyhäjoki are all beginner friendly and can also take place in evening hours during midnight sun in summer or, when lucky, under the
northern lights in autumn.

Canoeing Trip on River Pyhäjoki

A calmly flowing River Pyhäjoki is excellent for an easy canoeing trip.

Evening Canoe Trip

Go on an adventure with us to the lake 
under the midnight sun or the northern lights.
We tailor the trip to the weather of the evening

The Art of Paddling - Relaxed Tour on Lake Pyhäjärvi 

 Learn the basics of paddling on this relaxed tour. 
This beginner friendly lakeside paddling trip offers open views to the rolling fells of Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Canoeing & Kayaking
Equipment for Rent

Head out to a self-guided canoeing or kayaking trip in the area and hire the needed gear through us.

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