Small Privately Owned Farm

Huskies originate in the polar areas and are well accustomed to the cold weather. They are working dogs used primarily as sled dogs. Hence, they love running!

Pyhä Husky Farm is a small privately own farm in the heart of a forest. Visit the farm for a safari or a day with the dogs, and learn interesting facts about their life at the farm. There is a possibility for a 30 minutes or one hour sledge ride in small groups, or maybe you wish to have a lunch and help out at the farm!


Winter 2024-2025 - 30 minutes and one hour safaris are now on sale!

Welcome to our husky farm.

30min Husky Safari & Farm Visit

Visit Pyhä Husky Farm for a fun sledge ride and hear stories about the adorable dogs while enjoying hot berry drinks that warm you through and through.

1 Hour Husky Safari & Farm Visit

Enjoy the longer sledge ride with Huskies in the wilderness and learn the secrets of mushing.
Stories and warm berry drinks are the cherry
on top of this tour!

Husky Farm Visit

Visit small family husky farm, meet the dogs and learn about their lives from puppies to being full grown sledge dogs.

Day With the Huskies

Spend a day with the huskies in the Pyhä Husky Farm having a lunch, walking with the dogs and helping the farm with their daily tasks.

Family husky safari

Enjoy a 20-minute sledge ride with huskies and learn the secrets of mushing! Visit Pyhä Husky Farm for this fun ride and hear stories about the adorable dogs while enjoying steaming berry juice. We recommend this tour for the ones who just want to experience the ride and enjoy more time with the dogs.  

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