Take a Guided Detour on Your Way to Nordkapp!

For bus groups heading up to North (E75-Nordkapp)

A visit to the amazing Pyhä-Luosto National park and beautiful historical villages are available for you on your way to and from North. Guide awaits at a parking spot in Torvinen (E75-road 962) or in Sodankylä, depending you direction of travel. Continuing your travels is easy either from Sodankylä or Torvinen where the guide wishes you great rest of the trip.


Groups minimum of 30 persons.
27€ / person, incl. VAT

For smaller groups please contact us for an offer 
at kairankutsu@gmail.com

Sightseeing in Pyhä-Luosto
National park

  • Photography break at Pyhätunturi fell
  • Coffee break at café Loimu at Visitor
    Centre Naava
  • Guided tour around a fascinating nature
    and cultural history exhibition in Naava

Suvanto Village

  • Perhaps the most famous village in Lapland  
  • Architecture and atmosphere with a
    wonderful landscape
  • Survived the World War II untouched,
    which is unusual in Lapland
  • Achieved Europa Nostra price in 1991 and
    was listen as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Duration of Tour

2,5 hours without break,
3,5 hours with break at Visitor Centre Naava
at Pyhä

Pelkosenniemi – the Heart of

  • Impressive village in many ways, for example surviving the Winter War in 1939
  • An insight to the local way of life as it is today
  • Photography break by a beautiful old
    wooden church

Kairala Village:

  • Over 300 years old village
  • Considered as a nationally valuable
    landscape entity
  • Prehistoric settlement
  • Marttiini Inn