How to Tell a Fish Story

The numerous lakes, rives and ponds in Lapland are not only beautiful, but also excellent for fishing. Whether you have tried to lure a trout or two before or not, the experience is truly something else. 

By joining one of our fishing trips one gets to enjoy tranquil nature and learn secrets of fishing with an experienced guide that provides all necessary gear.

Ice Fishing & Steaming Hot Drinks

It could be said that Ice fishing is the Finnish definition for meditation.

Catch of the Day – Easy Fishing Trip

Learn to fish with us, or if you have the skills already, let us guide you to best spots. A relaxed and easy fishing trip with snack and coffee around a campfire.

Wild Rivers – Fly & Spin Fishing

Whether you are an expert in tackling white waters with your fishing rod, or a beginner interest in learning it, this trip is the way to go!

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