Aurora Borealis

The velvet blue sky, the moon and stars provide unforgettable setting for a Northern Lights' hunt! We provide three different kinds of northern lights' tours;
By car, easy walk nearby, and on snowshoes or cross-country skis.

Please keep in mind that the phenomenon is subject to both the
solar wind and weather.

Northern Lights Workshop - Northern Lights, Arctic sky and Photography 

Enjoy a walk to a carefully selected spot and learn about the arctic sky and northern lights and how to photograph them.

Snowshoeing Under the Aurora

Pop on a pair of snowshoes and follow our guide in to the snowy forest and away from any light pollution. Wintery forest is amazing in the night time.

Northern Lights Hunt by car

Warmth of a campfire, hot drinks and snacks, no light pollution and a good solar activity forecast. What more could one want from a northern lights hunt?

Arctic Skies – Evening Reindeer Safari

The skies above light up with stars and the only sounds in the forest are footsteps on snow. If you're lucky, the northern lights might show themselves!

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