A Land of Endless Stories

Familiarise yourself with the history and way of life in the villages of Eastern Lapland, admire landscapes and learn about the geological and cultural wonders of the area.

Culture of Eastern Lapland

A visit to the village of Suvanto – perhaps the most famous village in Lapland.

A Visit from a Local

We Finnish may seem quiet at first but invite us over and the stories will flow!

Cultural Walk in Pyhätunturi

Marvel at the wonders of Finland’s oldest natural park, visit Chapel of the Northern Lights and a natural amphitheatre of Aittakuru Gorge.

Historical Villages

Travel to historical villages on the banks of River Kemijoki and River Kitinen where the Finns started to settle from 1673 onwards.

Lake sauna experience

Book a private lake sauna. Relax by the lake have swimming or ice-swimming in the lake or have your own private jacuzzi

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