Nearly Endless Possibilities

Hikes, snowshoeing, cross country & wilderness skiing and a selection of other fun activities!

Hike Across the Devil's Gorge

One the best view in Eastern Lapland can be found on the trail to Pirunkuru gorge.

A Chain of Mighty Fells

Hike to the top of Pyhä-Nattanen Fell to reach views over the Nattastunturit fell chain.

Land of the Midnight Sun

Hike through the 400 years old forests and through vast mires to meet the midnight sun.

Cross Country Skiing

A fun way to move in the snow! 

Secrets of Lappish Nature on Snowshoes

Browsing through the snowy forests and fells of Pyhä-Luosto National park is easy on a pair of snowshoes.

Wilderness Skiing in Powder Snow

The ultimate way to move about in the deep snow is on skishoes – combination of wilderness skis and snowshoes. 

Nordic Walking with a Local

Join a local guide for an easy walk in the Pyhä-Luosto area and learn about the surroundings.

Lappish Olympics

Try out different fun activities like archery, blind darts and the traditional way to catch a reindeer.

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